Noah, Chris and Travis are the three masterminds behind F-Town, each bringing different skill sets and personalities to the table.

F-Town Brewery brewer Noah
Noah takes craftsmanship to an artistic level. This guy is a modern day renaissance man. He is the master of getting it done, especially when it comes to brewing. His attention to detail has helped create some of the best beer around. Like the true artist he is, Noah is always looking to better himself and those around him. His MO is high quality, and this includes the beer he brews.
F-Town Brewery brewer Chris
Chris knows his stuff… just ask him, and he’ll let you know. With a master’s degree in biology and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, this scholar understands what and how things need to be done, even at the molecular level, to brew a great tasting beer. Chris started brewing because he was tired of drinking bland beer, and wanted to create something that goes above and beyond anything else that is on the shelves.
F-Town Brewery owner and manager Travis
Travis is an entrepreneur who isn’t afraid of a challenge. After launching a variety of successful businesses over the past 10 years, he was excited to bring his business know-how, creativity, and practicality to the Minnesota craft beer movement. Leveraging his keen leadership and marketing skills, Travis has put F-Town on the map not only for quality craft beer but as a brewery that brings people together to create great experiences.